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Valletta TV the online education courses a range of topics from Educational policy and Financial to curriculum design and techniques.

Explore case studies in teaching and learn about how technology is increasing access to quality education on an unprecedented scale.

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Education and Training

No doubt,  Education is the base of the progress of a country. Education is continuing through life. If we talk about education, it is the sector which is meant for the benefits for all. Training is relating to task-oriented and point to attaining knowledge and skills in a particular area and is usually job-related. Pursuing education and training make you familiar with a new situation.

What are education and training?

Education and training is a guide to the progres of people, is a process of facilitating learning, or accomplishment of values, knowledge, notion, and habits.

Education emphasize knowledge in which you previously have a foundation, training provides you the talent to need. Training can be specific to your requirement, your occupation or your skill  to implement a new system or improve a specific ability.

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