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Valletta TV Streaming Platform

Valletta TV Streaming Platform

VallettaTV the First Maltese WebTV, Film production, Advertising, Format Radio TV, free on Internet.

VallettaTV allows you to discover, watch and share television and thematic channels wherever you are, completely free and legal.
Thanks to a fast and modern graphic interface, we made it easy to use .

What’s Inside VallettaTV Streaming Platform

Our purpose is to contribute to the discussion on  Internet Television and Streaming, we broadcast in free form on the Internet.
No restrictions on access, facilitating the dissemination of our themes and their content in streaming. Education, Finance, Music, Children's Channels, Information or Entertainment, on VallettaTV you will find the topics that satisfies your interest and curiosity.

Platform and Connection

The visualization takes place through connection on official websites or, for some specific channels, 
through Vimeo or Youtube platform, according to the methods authorized and regulated by similar ones such as Twitch and Livestream.